Buying the right gift can become a troubling uncertainty. Too many times we second guess what to buy and end up buying a gift card or a tool they already own.

The best gift you can buy is a product that makes what they already own even better. That perfect product is Steellabels “Mechanics Lot” tool label bundle. You save over 70% off the normal price and get everything you need for one low price.

  • Complete Set of *Magnetic* Tool Chest Labels
  • Complete Set of *Adhesive* Toolbox Labels
  • Master Sets Presidential Master Socket Label Set for Metric, SAE and Torx.
  • Set of Breaker Box Labels $5.00 Value
  • Sets of Assembly Labels $20.00 Value


  • Set of Tackle Box Labels (father-son edition) $7 Value (120 Labels)
  • Sets of Chrome Socket Labels (Ladies Edition) $5.00 Value (60 Labels)

He will love this labeling set direct from the factory.