How many of us take the time to mark our breaker box? At my house things are kind of marked, but not how they should be.

Over the years a house will see numerous remodels and appliance changes that can throw off what switch you’re looking for. Even worse some rooms share circuits or have more than one dedicated breaker making identification harder.

It might not sound like a big deal now, but in an emergency, it can be a real problem. In a situation of a power outage, you will need to see what circuit is out. If you happen to have an electrical short, time is of the essence to prevent a fire.

A good idea is a circuit breaker label set that you apply directly to the box. With a breaker label set, you can mark the breaker or panel and even use on fuses of all types.

To get the job done you can get the best selling kit for only $5.00 at with free shipping. It comes with 60 labels and bright lettering and multiple options for the breaker.

Now you won’t have to reset every clock in the house to find the right breaker, and not to mention stay organized as a bonus.