Have you been cutting expenses this year or have limited time off? Don’t
write off the idea of a vacation just yet; the answer is simple. Hello

By “going” on a staycation you’ll enjoy a fun and relaxing “get away” at a
fraction of the cost of a traditional vacation. But how does staying at home
translate into a get away. Easy. By planning carefully, just as you would if
you were traveling, you’ll enjoy all the elements that you would normally
expect. Sightseeing, exciting activities and kicking back are only the

Now, how exactly is everything planned out. It’s pretty easy but first you will
need to establish some guildlines. Make some rules for you and your family
or whoever will be joining you. The guildlines are simply. Sit down together
and establish what is or isn’t allowed. For instance, if you’re staycationing
as a family and want everyone to do all the activities together, make that a
rule. If cell phones are off limits during certain times, establish that ahead of
time. Some other ideas are:

• No routine cleaning or chores.
• Family only.
• No technology outside of what you might find in the average motel room
i.e. television and DVD player.

The most important thing to decide will be when your staycation will begin
and when will it end. But no matter what you agree upon, make sure to
stick to it. This may take discipline but the effort will be well worth it.
The next item on your list will be to plan your agenda and activities. This is
the fun part only limited by the time you’ll be “away” and your budget.
Whatever your plans may include, try stepping completely out of your
normal routine. Just be sure to include activities you would normally do
while traveling. Some of those things should include sightseeing and dining

Sightseeing. Visit tourist attractions in your area that you’ve never been to.
See a movie, go swimming, go shopping. Do other family or age
appropriate activities. Perhaps a massage or even traveling to another area
of your state to attend a concert or other event may be in order. Be diligent
about including time to relax and unwind.

Dining out. Keep in mind that you probably don’t cook much while traveling
so no cooking now. Try to attend restaurants you’ve never been to or try
different types of food than you normally would eat.
Once you’ve got your plans together and your schedule arranged, complete
your planning by getting prepared. Make arrangements for your pets and
ask a neighbor to check the mail. Clean your house and make sure it’s in
order. Taking children along? Make it even more fun by packing whatever
items you’ll need while you’re “gone” i.e. books, games, movies, clothes,

Whatever your plans may include, try stepping completely out of your
normal routine. By these steps will help ensure your staycation is fun,
exciting and successful. Don’t forget your camera and “travel” safely!

– by Deve K.