September 22nd kicks off the start for Fall. The time of year when temperatures drop suddenly, cool breezes pick up, and of course the bursting colors of changing leaves. Some enjoy this time of year, not only is it a relief from the sweltering summer temperatures, but it’s time to start making the list of to-dos that require our attention before winter sets in. Let’s cover the basics:

  1. Have your heating system checked by a professional to ensure it is running properly or if it needs to be serviced.
  2. Close up all air leaks and drafts around windows and doors.
  3. Check that your home fire extinguisher is current and ready to go in case of an emergency. If you are unsure you can contact your local extinguisher servicing company and they will gladly assist you. If you do not own a fire extinguisher, now is the time to get one. You can purchase an affordable fire extinguisher from any retail store such as Walmart or most any home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowes.
  4. Change all air filters regularly, now would be a great time!
  5. Wrap up any exposed pipes to avoid freezing or bursting pipes later on.
  6. Change the water temperature to 120 degrees, not only is this the recommended temperature but also safer to avoid scalding your skin, and it will also save you a lot of money on your electric bill.
  7. Have your chimney swept and clean your fireplace.
  8. Reverse your ceiling fans. Most don’t know but there is a switch on your ceiling fan (not the pull string) but a toggle type switch that changes the direction of the fan to either go clock-wise or counter clock-wise. When the weather is cooler, set your ceiling fan to go counter clock-wise. This is will assist in circulating the heat throughout your home.
  9. Finally, clean up outside. Roll up and store your hoses, put away any patio furniture that you are not using and store garden tools either in your garage, garden shed, or under a covered carport.