Tools are created and used for the purpose of making our life easier.  For thousands of years man has looked at ways to make our life easier and to be able to accomplish more in a smaller and smaller time-frame.   So how are industrial hand tools different to regular hand tools?

A hand tool is named obviously after the need to apply your hands when working however hand tools can use electrical current or force to manually power the tool to get the desired outcome.  Hand tools historically speaking are often replaced with fully powered power tool varieties depending on current technology and the current market.

The quality of hand tools has been gradually improving since the beginning of man and has seen sudden advancements in tools technology at specific moments in history brought on by new technology and ideas.  This happened in the stone age with stone tools, the middle ages(water, wind and steam power), in the industrial revolution and another surge is expected in the future when nanotechnology has greater implications.

Tools are an ever-growing necessity in modern society, with more use and a greater need for quality equipment that is where industrial hand tools come in.  However, with more and more use of tools and the work that surrounds them safety is as important as ever.  Choosing the right tool for the right job and ensuring said tool is used in the correct way are the most important factors when using tools in any and every application.

Hand tools have been known to cause wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries due to many factors including:
·         Product quality
·         If tool requires being used in an awkward position
·         Tool misuse
·         Repetitive motion
·         And many more…
Industrial hand tools differ from regular hand tools in that they are specifically designed and targeted at the working demographic that handle a heavier load of work then a usual.  Stronger, longer life-span, more reliable and a more scientifically accurate design are some common differences between regular hand tools and hand tools that are designed for industrial applications.
The most important factor when choosing industrial hand tools is quality.  The aim of this niche of hardware is to be a stronger more efficient tool then the regular equivalent so if the quality isn’t present then keep looking until you find the right tool for the right job.