Last year I had a great super bowl party at my house. Not only was it planned well, I had my television and entertainment system in perfect order.

Not everybody is interested in the game so keep your guests happy with more than one option. I brought in a second TV so the kids could watch a movie and stay occupied but still be next to the action. 

One important thing to do is to label your HDMI cords to the matching input and device. An easy way to accomplish this task is to use an Assembly Label set from the folks at The set comes with 60 color coded labels with two sets of numbers. The labels are made from chrome foil and go directly on the cord or appliance. My system was to start with input “1” and label the cord with matching number and also label the device such as the Satellite receiver in my case. That way you know what cord goes where when you have multiple devices.

My main TV only had three inputs so I used the rest of the labels to mark remotes, DVD players and surround sound cords. That has helped me more than once, we have three receivers and the remotes seem to wander off. It might not sound like a big deal, but I don’t like having someone snatch my remote just because I keep fresh batteries in it. This not only makes it a breeze to organize, it helps in the future if I need to unplug a device. Without the labels, I would not be able to read what input the cord is.

At only $5.00 with free shipping, this is an upgrade anyone can afford.