There are many crafts out there for older craftsman to take part in, but one of the most fun ones is crafting your own beer from home. Many folks may not think that this is something that is easily done, but there are thousands of folks every day who decide that they will give it a shot. The best part about this craft is the fact that you control everything from boldness of taste to how carbonated your finished beer will be. And, it actually doesn’t cost so much money to make some right there at home in your kitchen.

With this being such a popular craft, there are many websites and books out there that will give the basic instructions on how to craft your own beer. One of the more popular ones is For example, they give all of the info about what type of equipment you will need, such as a bottling wand or a container for fermentation. The basic steps from start to finish are also there at the site, and there is a comment section for questions and answers with the website creators.

There are also different beer brewing communities for you to join if you really begin to brew beer on a regular basis. There are not enough words allowed in this article to break down every step, but according to experts beer brewing is simply a craft that you will get better at over time, so don’t expect your first batch to be perfect. But, if you get around the right people, the tips they give you will be priceless. One of the best places to learn is They emphasize the craft and make it their goal to become the largest beer-brewing community online.

If you decide to really get deep into this craft, one of the best things to do would be to follow the Brewer’s Association. They have all types of insight and analysis on the subject, and any statistics that you would like to know about crafting your own beer can be found here. Not only do they have national stats, but the association actually breaks down each individual State and their real beer crafting information. For example, in Alabama there are 24 craft breweries, which puts them at a ranking of 39th in the country. Curious about your State? Shoot over to Brewers, and see where it ranks!

Still, there are some folks who just want to test out the waters (I mean the beers) that they could possibly create on their own, and only have the desire to try crafting beer once or twice. If this is you, there are actually beer/wine making kits out there that you can buy. One of the most popular places online to retrieve these kits is Here, they make it easy for you to brew, ferment, bottle and begin enjoying your own homemade beer! Have fun!


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