This winter it came to my attention how much we depend on our modern heaters for survival. I have been guilty of taking it for granted that my temperature will always be just where I set it.

But when your heater goes out, you are reminded how unbearable it can be. Not just that, a faulty heater can burn down your house. Here are 5 clues that might cause you trouble.

  • Is your furnace making new noises? This can be a sign that failure is around the corner. Depending on what the noise is, it’s at the least causing you to burn more money to heat your house. Get it inspected as soon as possible.
  • A higher power bill dramatically from the year prior might be caused by a leak in the ducting. Not only is it not properly heating your house, it is wasting money that could go toward a new furnace.
  • A funny smell could be a sign of poor filtration and my even cause poor air quality. You may be used to it so if it comes to your attention from someone visiting, get it inspected immediately.
  • Is your furnace over 15 years old? Even the best maintained furnace can reach its life cycle at around 15-20 years. Keeping track of the age of your system can help you plan a replacement during the off season and save you money.
  • Appearance can tell you of upcoming problems. Is there rust on the bottom of your boiler unit? That can be a sign of water damage and can lead to a surprise flood or water leak. If that happens, it can also damage surrounding areas and cost more in the long run.